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History of the Liberty Hill Cemetery
GPS ref: 30° 40' 49.076688", -97° 57' 0.711684"

The cemetery is located on the south side of HW29 four miles west of US 183 and across the road from Fort Tumbleweed (Bryson Stage Coach Stop).

Liberty Hill Cemetery - Weathered gravestones show usage of this spot for burials since 1852, when the earliest settlers were establishing homes in area. The first formal grant of land here as a community burial ground was made by John T. and Amelia Edwards Bryson in 1875, when three and one-half acres were deeded to the Liberty Hill cemetery trustees: T. N. Bryson, C. C. Chance, W. H. Poole, J. B. Roddy, and T. S. Snyder. This acreage was protected by a stone fence built with their own hands by the Brysons and their neighbors. The Liberty Hill Cemetery is the final resting place for a large number of people that helped build the Liberty Hill area of Central Texas into a great place to live.
Some of the more famous army officers that are said to have been guests at the Bryson Stage Stop included Sam Bass outlaw gang,army officers, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, General George Custer, General Sam Houston (former commander of the Texas Revolutionary Army) and several other less known military officers. Lee and Davis initially came to Texas during the war with Mexico. Lee returned to Texas in 1856 and 1857 as commander of the Second Dragoons, a crack military group that fought the Comanches along the western frontier. Jefferson Davis returned to Texas as escort for camels being sent to Camp Verde near present day Kerrville. However, the camel experiment proved to be a total disaster and the camels were eventually turned loose to roam west Texas and New Mexico.